Peregrine White was the first baby born in the new land when the Puritans came over on the Mayflower. He’s also my namesake. It means “traveler.” You can use it as a noun: e.g. a “peregrination” is a journey, or a migration. You can also use it as a verb: to “peregrinate” means to travel or migrate.

I’m a journalist currently working as a beat reporter at Greenwich Time, a daily paper in Greenwich, CT part of Hearst Connecticut Media. I cover land use and the environment, and frequently write about Long Island Sound, shellfishing, the Great Atlantic Flyway migration routes, the local zoning board and preservation efforts.

I am a voracious reader of books and the news. I was born and raised in Montana, hiking and backpacking through the mountains and wilderness while earning my Eagle Scout. I also enjoy playing basketball, and exploring new cities.

I majored in journalism at the University of Montana, and also took courses in economics, Russian, the history of terrorism and climate change studies.

In college I studied abroad in Bangkok, Thailand for about five months after which I went to Kathmandu, Nepal for a two-month long internship with the Nepali Times. I arrived five weeks after the major earthquake that killed thousands of people, and spent the summer reporting on the recovery effort and economic pitfall caused when tourists cancelled their plans.

My favorite outlets to consume news from are The New Yorker, The Guardian, the Economist, Foreign Policy, The Intercept, ProPublica, Center for Public Integrity, and the BBC. Some of my favorite writers are Mark Twain, Kurt Vonnegut, Glenn Greenwald, Jacob Baynham, David Remnick, Ahmed Rashid, Steve Coll, Howard French, David Sedaris, Adam Hochshild and Joe Sacco.

Feel free to contact me or follow on social media:

Email: peregrinefrissell@gmail.com

Twitter: @PeregrineFriss

Instagram: @peregrinefrissell

LinkedIn: Peregrine Frissell

Goodreads: Peregrine Frissell

Cell: 914-996-5033

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