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My most recent work

Over the past year or so I’ve had the good fortune to work with a number of news outlets. Each has been different, and have helped me grow as a reporter. I’ve put links to the work below, along with a brief description of what the piece is about.

For additional clips, please don’t hesitate to email me at peregrinefrissell@gmail.com.


Colin Donihue, a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard and Max Lambert, a PhD candidate at Yale, caught this Italian Wall Lizard in a back yard abutting the Metro North railroad tracks in the Cos Cob section of Greenwich, Conn. The colder weather doesn’t seem to phase the 4-inch lizards that find warmth from a variety of man-mad sources. Photo from Hearst Connecticut media/ Tyler Sizemore


I wrote a piece for Greenwich Time, my current employer, about non-native Italian Wall Lizards using the Metro North train line to travel north from the Bronx, where they escaped from captivity decades ago and have been living since.

It’s a classic tale of climate change and species adaptation leading to a changing ecosystem for a species that is now being spotted farther north than many populations in Europe. The piece ran in my newspaper and was picked up by other papers throughout Fairfield County, along with SFGate, the Washington Times and the Portland Press Herald in Maine. My reporting on the issue was referenced in the New York Times.

Here is the link to my work: http://www.greenwichtime.com/local/article/Scientists-track-reptiles-migration-from-New-9187493.php

I also went with the researchers when they were searching for lizards, and used Facebook Live to share it. You can view the video here: https://www.facebook.com/greenwichtime/videos/10153871565233181/?hc_ref=SEARCH



Darrin Old Coyote, center, sits on a panel at the Montana Energy Conference on March 31, 2016 at the Radisson Hotel in Billings. Old Coyote spoke about the big opportunities that coal provides for the Crow reservation. Photo Credit:Freddy Monares/ Native News Project

Last spring I spent a week in Crow Agency and the surrounding communities reporting on how the vast reserves of coal that sits under the reservation stagnates local politics. I was on assignment for the Native News Project, a publication put out by the University of Montana School of Journalism that covers a major story on each reservation in Montana annually.

Here is the link to my story: http://nativenews.jour.umt.edu/2016/mining-for-votes-crow/


Below are links to a few of my best stories from my stint with the Nepali Times in Kathmandu last summer writing about the earthquake recovery effort.


Women line up for a medical care at a clinic just outside the Kathmandu Valley. Photo by Peregrine Frissell/ Nepali Times

I accompanied an organization putting on a medical clinic to a community outside the Kathmandu Valley and wrote about the transition from acute (immediate, urgent open wounds or broken bones) to chronic injuries in the month following the quake, and the problems that posed for those working to provide medical care. Here is the piece: http://nepalitimes.com/article/nation/caring-in-kavre,2446



Khikuman Moktan and his son, Dilba, stand in front of their quake-damaged home, now being used only for storage. Photo by Peregrine Frissell/ Nepali Times

After the earthquake, the government struggled to distribute ID cards and aid fast enough to protect citizens living in rural areas before monsoon season set in. The difficulties are understandable when you consider that Nepal’s rural area, consisting largely of the Himalayan foothills, is among the most difficult to access in the world. NGOs jumped in to help the situation, and I accompanied one to write about that race against time, and the rains that were already beginning to come. Here is the story: http://nepalitimes.com/article/Nepali-Times-Buzz/road-to-rasuwa-quickly-worsening-in-monsoon-season,2367 


Art by Austin Hofschield/ Montana Journalism Review

I investigated a Montana newspaper apparently implementing a policy of censoring online comments to protect advertisers. The newspaper has since stopped allowing comments on their site altogether.

Here is the story: http://mjr.jour.umt.edu/online-comments-advertisers/


Art by Evan Frost/ Montana Kaimin

I uncovered an instance of the University of Montana athletic department misreporting the academic achievement of student-athletes and a host of NCAA recruiting violations in this investigation, then put that story in context with the way universities interact with the NCAA and the communities they call home.

The piece won 5th in the national Hearst Sports Writing Competition.

Here is the story: http://www.montanakaimin.com/news/unsportsmanlike-conduct-from-ncaa-regs-to-local-laws-um-athletics/article_d72e03f0-817f-11e5-8fbd-cfa61559e5ac.html

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