Month: April 2015

My, what a nice temple.

This is a temple that I saw when I visited Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park around a month ago. In order to get there a friend and I took a mini-bus from Bangkok south to the town of Hua Hin, which is about three hours away and on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Hua Hin is a very tourist-oriented town, with many bars and resorts and department stores. They also have lots of places to rent motor bikes, and that’s what we did. In Thailand you can rent a motor bike for about 200 baht, or just over six US dollars a day. You don’t even have to have a license. Incidentally, motor bike accidents are very common in Thailand. You also have to put a 60 dollar deposit down, but as long as you don’t scratch or break the bike at all and return it on time then they give it back to you later. Hopefully. We got our deposits back, which was nice. They also give us a free helmet. We …

#TBT to the first time I went grocery shopping alone in Thailand

This is was the result of my first attempt at grocery shopping for myself in the great nation of Thailand. I think it was my second day here. The prospect of going into a new grocery store and seeing all the awesome stuff that I had never even previously contemplated existing was exciting, but then after about 12 minutes I got all stressed out because it was super crowded I just checked out right there. I think I covered the most important bases though. My diet over consists of several core food groups, namely rice, fruit, beer, cucumbers, stir-fry/curry, and tea. It’s a good life really, and rather cheap too. That being said, I do frequently and passionately miss the home cooking of my wonderful parents and sister. Aubrey and I help sometimes too, but they deserve most of the credit. I hope you guys are doing well!

Long Live the King

This is a picture of the King that hangs above the entrance to my classroom on the second floor of the political science building at Thammasat University. There is another one inside, and one of his wife the Queen as well. Images of the King are numerous across the country. As soon as one leaves the parking lot at the large airport outside of town that services most international flights they pass under a large overpass with a huge picture of him that is lit at night, greeting you before anything else can. Every Thai household has numerous pictures of him. They seem to be most common near the entry ways, but in most houses I have been in they have one in almost every room, oftentimes hanging on the wall amongst the family portraits, or sometimes just above the family portraits in a row of his own. Many cab drivers keep images of him somewhere on the dashboard, and restaurants all have them hanging around the seating area. There will be huge structures that …