Month: February 2015

Boy Scouts in Bangkok!

This handsome little guy was walking down the street in front of a week or so ago. I see young boys wandering around in their Boy Scout uniforms from time to time here, and it always brings heart warming flashbacks to my days in Troop 1947. Those were the days. A Thai person once told me that all Thai boys have to be in Boy Scouts for at least two years, but I’m not convinced that’s actually true. I can’t find anything online to support it either. But what a thought… Disclaimer: This is a far more dapper boy scout than I ever was.

Missing the beauty we cannot see

There is an art to finding beauty in things that you don’t have any emotional attachment to. Life is different here for that precise reason. There are many things that are beautiful. I see them every day, but it’s different from being back in Montana. For the majority of my life I have resided in places where every time I turned a corner I had a reason to appreciate what I saw that was completely devoid of the aesthetic appeal of the scene. My life was full of meaningful relationships and events, spread out around the places that I spent the most time. Uprooting and moving across the world, I don’t have those connections anymore. It isn’t a straightforward switch, but I’m slowly learning to appreciate and enjoy it in it’s own right. It makes me stop and think, it makes me really look into a place for what it is devoid of the emotional connections I’m temped to inject into it. Then it forces me to make them anew, to create relationships and experiences …

Excitement strikes, and no one was killed

I was in this square about twenty minutes before this happened: Just as I was beginning to lull myself into thinking that this city wasn’t so crazy after all. I’ve been exploring a bit each day, filling in the blank spaces between metro stops in my head. Seeing familiar faces, all these kind smiles most everywhere I go. It was certainly an abrupt wake-up call, and has been an intriguing story to follow in the time that has lapsed since as well. I was at the gym yesterday evening, about 24 hours after the incident. There was a Thai talk show on the TV, and while unfortunately I couldn’t understand the words that were being said, the expressive faces of the anchors were fascinating. A very passionate looking plump man was talking loudly with a face that can only be described as indignant, as if he was saying that whoever was responsible for such an act of terrorism had better watch out, this wasn’t an acceptable act in a nation whose nationalism is tied …